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Clicksence Since 2007
Clicksence Since 2007

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Welcome To MegatronPTC!

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Welcome Bonus: 10 cents
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  • Viral Mailer can be a very good way to advertise if you understand how it work.
    CTR is not the only thing to look at... Some Mailers have more buyers than others. Some people only jump to the new Mailers because they think they will have more chance to build a new downline. When a new Mailer pop up, the CTR is always bigger. If a Mailer sell Life Time membership giving lots of credits, upgraded member don't need to read any email. You will never reach that member but he will be on the next new mailer because he have something to advertise (his life time membership need new members)...
    Almost everyday a new Mailer pop up. The readers jump to the next one and the CTR keep dropping on the oldest one. If you think it's the truth, you don't understand anything. It's more complicated than that and it's why it's so interesting !

    Viral Mailer Powered by Megatron Affiliate !

    "Megatron Mailer" Operated by a REAL Company !

    Powerfull Traffic Generator !

    Megatron Communications is based in Canada. Some other sites don't tell you who they are... You know you will receive your money... We are a real company. We are not selling Life Time membership just to grab some fast money. We plan to be there for long time ! Monthly membership give you non-stop residual income from your referrals. A life time member don't buy anything else and don't need to click the ads...

    You can buy Credits and Upgrade with your commission !

    Gold members receive $0.25 for each new referral !!!

    Free members Receive 1000/1000/1000

    10% commission on referral OTO and Purchase

    Gold Member receive 60% Commission OTO and Purchase

    OTO give you the chance to take the Gold Membership at 50% discount

    ONLY when you register if you take the OTO

    You will NEVER see it again. (One Time Offer)

    Gold members receive 60% commission !

    Silver members receive 40% commission !

    Bronze members receive 20% commission !

    Free members receive 10% commission !

    The result: More Quality traffic and more money !

    MegatronPTC Stats

    Members 3,279
    New Today 0
    Hits Today 357
    Online 3
    Payouts Made 1,344
    Total Paid $3,954.00

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